I am delighted to share this meaningful moment as we draw the 2023 ENIRDELM Conference to a close. Throughout this event, we came together to delve deep into the significance and impact of inclusive leadership in education. On the final day of the conference, I would like to wrap up this shared journey and reiterate the importance of this critical topic.

I would like to express our gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of this conference. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the speakers, session chairs, presenters, and all the delegates who added richness to this event by sharing their insights, experiences, and knowledge.

The central theme of this conference, “Inclusive Leadership in Education,” holds great importance for promoting greater accessibility, diversity, and equality in the realm of education. By discussing this topic throughout the conference, we have deepened our understanding, and I hope these discussions will contribute to each of us becoming more inclusive leaders in our respective institutions and communities.

I also find it valuable to have had the opportunity to experience the beauty and hospitality of Antalya while visiting this city. I believe this conference provided an excellent platform not only for knowledge exchange but also for strengthening our social bonds.

Finally, I extend my thanks to everyone who played a part in concluding this conference successfully. Without your contributions, such an event would not have been possible. I look forward to meeting again at future ENIRDELM events. Safe travels back and best wishes for your continued success.

Thank you.
Mualla Aksu

2023 Book of Abstracts




As host for the first digital conference in ENIRDELMS history I would like to give you a short summery of what happened and feedback. The conference was held 16th September 2021 due to the unpredictable situation with Coivd -19. Altogether there were 34 participants. Avis Glaze held an inspiring key note speech about Democracy and educational leadership. After that we had 17 participants who contributed with different papers about the topic in parallel sessions. When we at the roundtable session asked the participators what were the most important thoughts, actions, reflections on the topic Democracy and Educational leadership you will take with you from this day, they answered: interesting discussions about the difference between education and “bildung”. That democracy is conflict and that we need to have openness to conflicts to have e real democracy. Sometimes democratic leadership is subversive. Avis Glaze reminded us that Democracy is not easy and not something we can take for granted. It is something that is developing. It is about education as character building, growing further than your ego, making connection, openness, being an active person both adults and youth. Namdars social transformative education, tend to focus on the classroom in a wider perspective and different approaches are needed. Glaze brought a lot of angles and that is what ENIRDELM also does. It is about the beautiful risk of education were not everything is measurable; were we have wicked problems which are multidimensional and unpredictable. It is really important that we pay attention to citizenship in education at all levels and in all dimensions. We need to enable our students to reflect and to criticize. We need to enable them to ask the right questions rather than focusing on the right answers.

To the question: What are some of the challenges our youth are facing today? What strategies have worked in your jurisdiction to address some of these issues? The participants addressed this: it is difficult for young people being seeing and heard, challenge for character building, principal has to be established in the school, every is involved,- link with empathy, respect as a human being. We and they live in a time characterized of shopping, material overload, education of interruption, no immediate satisfaction; cope with frustration, living together with different cultures and the opportunity to meet teachers from other cultures.

When the participants were asked for feedback and improvements for arranging digital conferences of course the dinner came up  otherwise it seemed to be agreement about that having a digital conference when we are not able to meet in real life. Some of the participants had problems with technology and the temptation of multitasking. Altogether meeting digitally enables us to keep in touch and that is important. For the rountable discussion we used Learnlab as tool to respond. The full learnlab report you can find at the book of abstract can be read on the website. The participants were asked to describe the conference with one word and this is what it lookd like. Thanks to all of you who in different ways made a contribution to make the conference work.

2021 Book of abstracts


Best regards from Kjersti Lien Holte who look forward to meet you all in Prague next year.


Dear Enirdelm 2019 participants,

in 2019 we had the opportunity to meet you in Ljubljana for the Enirdelm conference!

Looking back at the photos your memory will be awakened:

Photos: Part 1

Photos: Part 2

Photos: Part 3

Photos: Part 4

Photos: Part 5

Here you can also find key note lecturers’ materials:

2019 Opening remarks


The full papers of the conference in Ljubljana were published as articles in two (No. 44 and No. 45) issues of the journal Leadership in Education. Just click the links above.

I wish you a pleasant reading.

Greetings from Ljubljana, Sebastjan


Dear Enirdelm 2018 Participants,

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet you in Antwerp for the Enirdelm conference!

Looking back at the photos your memory will be awakened.

We were wondering

  • what was the impact or influence of the conference theme ‘leadership in Emotion’ on you and your practice
  • what is your ‘golden’ advice for the organizers next year?

It would be so nice if you want to give us your opinion

Thank you very much!


Dear fellow Enirdelmers,

here you can find the conference proceedings from the 2017 conference in Krakow.