European Network for Improving Research and Development in Educational Leadership and Management – the friendly European network


ENIRDELM was created in 1991 following the opening up of the former Soviet bloc to the rest of Europe. ENIRDELM celebrated its 20th anniversary in September Reykjavik 2011. A full history: ENIRDELM History


(ENIRDELM conference in Antwerpen, 2018)


“ENIRDELM is a self-funding network promoting critical and friendly professionalism to improve the quality of educational leadership & management development and research across the whole of Europe. It seeks to deepen and share understanding of the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in education and ultimately to make an impact on learning at all levels of education systems. It does this through the initiative and energy of its participants (researchers, trainer/developers, policy-makers and school leaders) through mutually generated collaborative activities, both face-to-face and electronic.”


By means of the annual conferences, voluntary Secretariat, web-site, twice-yearly newsletter and other activities generated through networking ENIRDELM aims:

  1. To promote critical professionalism and friendship amongst educational leaders from four general constituencies: researchers, developers (trainers & consultants) policy-makers and school leaders (heads and leadership staff) in both public and private educational sectors.
  2. To strengthen the links between theory and practice (in both directions) and promote critical analysis and deep understanding of complex and varied educational contexts and issues.
  3. To encourage mobility of EL professionals: projects, visits, lectureships, attachments and collaborative R & D in order to share knowledge & experience.
  4. To disseminate and exchange EL information, documents, literature and materials.
  5. To liaise with other related EL networks and associations  throughout Europe


ENIRDELM brings together school leaders, educational administrators, trainers, researchers and consultants from across Europe and beyond, who share an interest educational leadership and management. Its Board of five people (balanced gender; different countries & roles) is renewed by one member annually. A Chairperson, newly appointed from the Board each year, is the organiser of the next annual conference. ENIRDELM has an on-line Voluntary Permanent Secretariat, Newsletter Editors and Webmaster. ENIRDELM members engage in organised networking (annual conference in September; web-site; joint research and development projects; publication of books, conference proceedings and a twice-yearly newsletter in April & November) and self-generated activities (materials exchange; study visits; visiting lectureships; invitation to give lectures and workshops; etc.) There is no membership fee in this uniquely self-sustaining community of practice that thrives on the energy of its members.