Dear Colleagues and Fellow ENIRDELMers,

This was the time that I was supposed to write a warm welcome to you to the conference in Norway and Fredrikstad and tell you about the lovely signs of spring in our country. Instead we are facing unprecedented challenges as we cope with the pandemic of the coronavirus. At the moment we have restrictions for traveling, being together and all universities and colleges are closed. Because there is reason to believe that there will be traveling restrictions and other restrictions in September as well, the ENIRDELM board has made the painful decision to postpone the 29th conference in Norway. Because we have to take into account possible consequences for the conference in the Czech Rep. we still need some time to decide the exact dates and place for the 29th conference. We will come back to you with information about this as soon as we know.

During this tough time, it is more important than ever that we strive to remain connected in our network and continue to seek ways to share experiences, research and different policy approaches however possible. It is very useful for each of us to be provided with new professional knowledge and insight for how different thematic areas are being addressed in your country. The newsletter has for years been an important way of sharing experiences and thoughts in the network. The ENIRDELM board will therefor invite and encourage you to share reflections and experiences on educational leadership and the Covid-19 situation. What challenges did educational leaders had to deal with? Were they prepared? What kind of challenge occurred? What happened with digitalization, school and family relations? Did this change educational leaders perceptions of their roles? What are your thoughts for the future? What do you think of intergenerational aspects? How did you experience flexibility and tolerance? What actions do you take in educational institutions to prevent infections? Did you experience overload? What implications has this situation had for educational leadership and management?

In collaboration with Dag Sørmo, the editor of the ENIRDELM newsletter, we have decided  to prolong the deadline for submitting contributions to the next number of the Newsletter till June 1. so we can have a special issue with this topic. To make this happen YOUR contribution is important. After all, and above all, it is your contribution that has made, and will make into the future, ENIRDELM such a positive, pleasant and productive network. So please send your contributions to Dag Sørmo at this address; Dag.sormo@hiof.no The contributions should be about 250 words max 300, but if you have a lot more than that on your heart, you can contact the editor.

And since you now have some extra time to prepare for the next conference, please take a look at the conference theme; Democracy and Educational leadership. The submission form will be reopened when we know more.

Take care!
Best regards from Kjersti Lien Holte, Conference Chair, ENIRDELM Fredrikstad Norway.

Foto: Dag Sørmo

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