ENIRDELM Secretariat Protocols

1. Secretariat Membership:

  • Voluntary Permanent Secretary (VPS) – David Oldroyd
  • Webmaster – Markku Antinluoma
  • Editors of Newsletter – David Oldroyd and Gerald Dunning

2. Secretariat Functions:

  1. Support for the Chair and Board (E-mailings to full mailing list; Protocols, Strategic Plan, Minutes, Secretariat Reports)
  2. Support for Webmaster & Web-site management (Adding and editing items; reviewing and updating content, encouraging #enirdelm twitter feeds )
  3. Support for Conference organisers (Editing material for the conference website and other printed conference material)
  4. Support for Task Group Leaders (as requested)
  5. Support the Newsletter Editor to find contributors, produce & circulate April & November Newsletters (by the mid-month deadlines)
  6. Produce and update the on-line ENIRDELM History & Archive