The Østfold University College is proud to host the 29th ANNUAL CONFERENCE


Advance Notice

The Conference Management Committee is delighted to announce that the postponed 2020 ENIRDELM Conference will be held DIGITALLY, for the first time in the history of ENIRDELM!

Dates:  September 15th and 16th 2021.

HostØstfold University College

Theme: Democracy and Educational Leadership


The common theme of the conference linked to ENIRDELM mission and aims is: Democracy and Educational Leadership. We will reflect upon the questions such as: How do we educate for the experience of belonging, identity, collaboration, sustainability and restorative practices? How is workplace democracy provided by educational leaders? Do we need interprofessional approaches to succeed in this? How do we understand democracy and what are the role of educators and educational leaders? Do we still have some common values, companionship of any kind, citizenship and what are they? What do we mean by citizenship locally and globally and how do we nurture that? Those are only some starting points to provoke our thinking, to raise professional dilemmas and challenges, to encourage presentations of our current practice and to search for evidence of the best, or as some call it, next practice.


Important dates

Call for papers May 21, 2021
Registration to the conference  May 1 – September 16, 2021
Announcement of proposals acceptance or rejection June 10, 2021
Conference September 15 & 16, 2021
Final Paper submission October 18, 2021


As stated on the website ENIRDELM is a self-funding network promoting critical and friendly professionalism to improve the quality of educational leadership and management development and researchacross the whole of Europe. It seeks to deepen and share understanding of the perspectives of multiple stakeholders in education and ultimately to make an impact on learning at all levels of education systems. It does this through the initiative and energy of its participants through mutually generated collaborative activities, both face-to-face and electronic.The aims of the Network are to promote critical professionalism and friendship amongst educational leaders, to strengthen the links between theory and practice (in both directions) and promote critical analysis and deep understanding of complex and varied educational contexts and issues, to encourage mobility of EL professionals in order to share knowledge and experience and to disseminate and exchange EL information, documents, literature and materials.