Annual conferences

Every year in September an ENIRDELM international conference is organised in a European country by the Chairperson of ENIRDELM. Themes are chosen by the ENIRDELM Board after consultation with the members and related key-note speakers, paper presentations, workshops, symposia and project reports are arranged. This web-site gives access to a rich resource of power-point presentation from past conferences.  Since1992, much networking between participants at and between the conferences has resulted in the creation of many activities and projects. A fuller account, including themes and organisers, can be found under the ‘History’ and ‘Photographs’ sections of this website. The ‘Publications’ tab records an impressive list of ENIRDELM conference proceedings and related publications.

Our network prefers to remain small in order to retain its friendly culture and many participants return to the conference each year, though new friends are very welcome.  Normally between 80 and 100 participants attend each conference from upwards of 20 countries to enjoy the professional and social experiences and exchanges that naturally arise from our self-funding ‘organic’ network. By organising conferences in 14 countries spread between Iceland and Turkey, our voluntary network has built bridges across and beyond the continent of Europe since it was founded in 1991. By bringing together educational leaders, practitioners, researchers, teacher educators and consultants we strive to improve and share R & D and practice in educational leadership and in managing the important task of educating the next generation.