Call for items to the ENIRDELM Newsletter 2019

Dear ENIRDELM friends!


Some time have passed since our Conference in beautiful Ljubljana. The preparation for the Conference in Norway 2020  have started, and we look forward to see you there!


But now it is time for a Newsletter about what is going on in our network in ENIRDELM.

Please send me some word we can pass on to our members.

I look forward to receive and edit interesting items to inform and stay in touch with the ENRIDELM “family”.


I have to set a deadline at Friday 22.November!


Here is a reminder of the various sections:

  • What’s happening in..?
  • ENIRDELM Project Updates
  • Interesting Web-sites
  • Feature Articles
  • Recent Publications by ENIRDELM Friends
  • Book Reviews
  • ENIRDELM Matters
  • Profiles of Educational Leadership Institutions and Networks
  • Educational and leadership humour
  • Forthcoming events




Dag Sørmo
(temporary editor)

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